YORA: a breathing space

… Awakening your senses through our Integrative Therapeutic Treatment.

About us

We practice therapeutic techniques involving manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue, including gentle,  rhythmic, oscillating movements of the joints, active and passive range of motion.

Our goal is to induce a change in the structure and function of the neuromusculoskeletal soft tissue and promote healing of the whole person.

Our approach

We believe in a holistic approach; many muscle and joint issues can be successfully treated by moving the joint while massaging the surrounding soft tissue.

Our work is also influenced by the insights of James Cyriax, MD, the modern developer or transverse friction massage. This Cyriax Cross-Fiber technique is designed to break down

  • fibrous adhesions,
  • soften scar tissue
  • and help the affected muscles regain shape and relieve muscle pain.

Our therapeutic protocols promotes functional improvement for most orthopedic conditions, as well as helping to normalize musculoskeletal function rather than only provide symptomatic relief.